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Counseling should make a significant impact with measurable results after each and every session.

I’ve been licensed for over 24 years and have been doing some form of counseling most of my life. Because of my unique professional history, I have had hundreds of clients with diverse challenges. Most are people just like you: people seeking depth in their life, insight into their relationships, and tangible results that they can reach affordably.

No crisis is too great or problem too small to deal with. I am a specialist in work with Couples and Family Therapy. I have also extensively treated Adults Abused as Children, helping individuals release stored trauma through Somatic Bodywork, Alcohol and Drug Abuse treatment, and sexual abuse or incest recovery. I provide Alternative, Adoptive, Blended and Co-Parent Counseling and Parenting Excellence Coaching. Court mandated clients are welcomed; I probably can help matters more than you realize. Facing challenges with a competent guide can make all of the difference.

Here’s what I have to offer: I’m laser sharp, body-mind-spirit integrative, and I’m trained in multiple modalities. In other words, my toolbox is packed. I’m passionate about my craft, whether I’m working with families, couples, individuals, retirees or teens—I work with all ages 7 and up. I understand complicated dynamics and situations and can help you fix damaged relationships or leave unhealthy ones. If you are struggling with personal issues such as addictions, problem patterns, depression or frustrations, let me help; you do not have to be alone. Others tell me I’m pretty open-minded, non-judgmental, interactive and fully engaged.

You can search for peace in your life and confidence in your actions; we can begin gently or aggressively, depending on what works best for you. Reaching out is the hard part—it will get better from here.

I know that experience counts, but our connection is what matters the most in establishing a trusting relationship. Please accept my NO OBLIGATION invitation to call me so we can chat on the phone and I can answer any questions you might have. If you prefer, come on in for a complimentary 30 minute session to see for yourself if we are a good fit. My door is open, my heart is full.

Robin Stuart, MA, MFT (29894)
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Robin Stuart MFT can help you with family counseling, family therapy, addiction services, rehab, substance abuse, alcoholism, alcohol treatment, drug treatment, help for families, marriage counseling, couples counseling don’t wait to call – get help today for you and your loved ones.

Family Therapy


Family Systems Therapy is often referred to as couple and family therapy, although the ideologies and insights it presents are equally relevant to individual counseling clients. Some principal goals of this branch of therapy are to develop appropriate boundaries and to promote self-actualization and awareness.

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Couples Counseling


We have all been educated in just about every significant skill we have, but when it comes to our most prized encounters—our relationships—we are expected to wing it. Although it is true that maintaining fulfilling relationships can be hard work, it is equally true that our successes in this area can…

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Individual Counseling


The majority of those who seek therapy are individuals who have a sincere interest in changing their lives for the better, whether
it is to decrease feelings of depression or anger, to eliminate dysfunctional patterns and repetitive struggles, or to develop a deeper, actualized and authentic self.

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