Did you know that Robin is also a Motivational Speaker?

April 20, 2012

Here are a few of the subjects she can educate and entertain your group with:

• Taming the Tiger of Desire: Overcoming Toxic Attractions
• The Trek to Mecca: Love Through Spiritual Esteem
• Immovable Mountains and Still Waters: Your Journey Towards Authenticity
• Primal Peace: Skills to Live By, for Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics
• Calming the Torrents of Sorrow: On Forgiveness and Joy
• LOVE By Numbers—365 Days of Self-Responsibility
• Soulful Evolution
• Bitter Bites and Honeyed Harmony: Communication Expertise for Beginners
• Lessons from the Seven Dwarves (on Codependency)
• Pooh Bear and Presence: A Parent’s Guide to Creating Conscious Beings
• Dead Wood, Drumming and Dance: On Honoring Grief and Survivors
• Wrinkle Repair for the Worried Soul: Getting Your Life Back On Course
• Archaic Alchemy: Taping Into Cosmic Truths
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