Did you know that Robin is also a Motivational Speaker?

April 20, 2012

Here are a few of the subjects she can educate and entertain your group with:

• Taming the Tiger of Desire: Overcoming Toxic Attractions
• The Trek to Mecca: Love Through Spiritual Esteem
• Immovable Mountains and Still Waters: Your Journey Towards Authenticity
• Primal Peace: Skills to Live By, for Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics
• Calming the Torrents of Sorrow: On Forgiveness and Joy
• LOVE By Numbers—365 Days of Self-Responsibility
• Soulful Evolution
• Bitter Bites and Honeyed Harmony: Communication Expertise for Beginners
• Lessons from the Seven Dwarves (on Codependency)
• Pooh Bear and Presence: A Parent’s Guide to Creating Conscious Beings
• Dead Wood, Drumming and Dance: On Honoring Grief and Survivors
• Wrinkle Repair for the Worried Soul: Getting Your Life Back On Course
• Archaic Alchemy: Taping Into Cosmic Truths
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Introducing the BRAND SPANKIN' NEW Livin' Life Social/Support Gathering for Sober Living Young Adults

The launch of the Livin’ Life Sober Living Youth Group is about to happen! I have 6000–that’s right–SIX THOUSAND postcards for the group about to be circulated by a great guy named Brett. For a detailed description, read all about this innovative new program on the GROUPS PAGE in this website.

Please call me and request Brett visit to your office or organization if you would appreciate having these in your waiting rooms, coffeehouse, lounges, etc. He’ll drop them by and answer any questions you have about this exciting new group/living classroom/social club. Read all about it on the Groups Page today! I just posted details…
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Welcome to my new website!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It took a year to build, in the effort that it have everything you might need. You can get forms for my practice and your Intake Session, so that we don’t have to spend you dime on paperwork when we meet. You can view my resume on the About Robin Page, should you wish to see it. You can even access community resources, links to other professionals I work with, support and educational information of value, articles, my blog and more! Just give me time to start uploading these things here!

In other words, this is meant to be a living website, not a stagnant one, so come back often and “Friend Me” on Facebook for updates. Soon, I’ll even have a video up here: for those who are new to me it might give you a sense of who I am and how I work. I believe in informed consumerism! Thanks for coming on today and checking this out—I welcome your feedback and insights!

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