Healing Trauma Retreat – Nov.9-10,2014

CHI Recovery and the Dynamic Life Counseling Center will present a new two-day intensive experiential retreat focusing on healing trauma. This deep healing intensive will utilize multiple modalities and practitioners to take you on a journey into a profound understanding … Continue reading

Journey to the Center of Your Soul, Starting September 5, 2014

Initiating September 5, 2014, Robin Stuart will lead a select community of 16 people on a remarkable journey toward self-discovery, personal empowerment and psychic healing. Experience ritual, retreat, sweat lodge, vision quest, emotional release bodywork, channeling, shamanic healing, Native American … Continue reading

Healing Trauma Intensive Retreat–Sat-Sun, August 16-17, 2014

  “Trauma,” as applied here, is any energy stored in your body or soul that has blocked you in your capacity to love, feel joy, move freely in the world, or manifest your own beauty openly.  This kind of trauma … Continue reading

What’s the Magic in Addiction Treatment?

Part of the magic of Conscious Healing Innovations’ (CHI) treatment methods lies in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.  Here are some of the key components to scientifically-evidenced success: Interdisciplinary team building with collaborative treatment plans and shared protocols Provider … Continue reading

CHI Chooses Dynamic Life Counseling to Administer 360 Degree Treatment Program for Addiction in Northern California

Scientifically-Evidenced Treatment in Sonoma County  INTRODUCTION CHI’s 360 Degree Pilot Program allows you to have the best chance at sustained sobriety for the least amount of money, and it also allows us to test the applications and methods of CHI … Continue reading