Healing Trauma Intensive Retreat–Sat-Sun, August 16-17, 2014


“Trauma,” as applied here, is any energy stored in your body or soul that has blocked you in your capacity to love, feel joy, move freely in the world, or manifest your own beauty openly.  This kind of trauma may have been caused by any kind of event or experience–it need not be dramatic.  We join together for this powerful intensive retreat to explore the various levels and effects of trauma, and address the many ways sadness, grief, fear, or PTSD can be healed in the body, heart, and mind, using numerous modalities taught by expert providers.             

This deep healing intensive joins you with several practitioners from various disciplines to take you on a journey into a deeper understanding of how trauma affects you personally, and more importantly, how to free yourself from the debilitating effects of injury, betrayal, loss, shock, self-abandonment, and other forms of crises which have triggered limiting restrictions and beliefs within you.

Using meditation and mindfulness, tonal chanting, ritual, group process, lecture, movement, art and nature, and the dramatically powerful table work known as Emotional Release Bodywork or Amanae, we will assist you in releasing stored trauma and in uncovering your access points to psychological freedom.

If this work calls to you, listen.


¨      Trust After Betrayal—Robin Stuart, MA, MFT, Director of CHI Recovery

¨      The Calling of the Soul—Leonie Lange, Peruvian Midwife

¨      The Passenger: Healing from Childhood Wounding—Nancy Vogl, Youth Specialist

¨      Vipassana Meditation—Nia Kaye, MA, and Marriage and Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher

¨      Yoga for Trauma—Gangarani Keech, MA, Yoga Teacher

¨      Emotional Release Bodywork—Pat Jackman, MA, ERB Practitioner, plus others!

Please contact Robin for more information or for registration and spread the word to those you feel may benefit:  707-824-0222