Journey to the Center of Your Soul, Starting September 5, 2014

Initiating September 5, 2014, Robin Stuart will lead a select community of 16 people on a remarkable journey toward self-discovery, personal empowerment and psychic healing. Experience ritual, retreat, sweat lodge, vision quest, emotional release bodywork, channeling, shamanic healing, Native American traditions, prayer, ceremony, playfulness, mindfulness, deep process, the expansion of your soul and the release of your fears.

Remove the blocks that keep you in separation from yourself and others. Create spiritual community and support for your energetic expansion. Gather the first Friday day month for 12 months, culminating in a 5-day retreat at an energetic vortex in 2015.

Healing Trauma Intensive Retreat–Sat-Sun, August 16-17, 2014


“Trauma,” as applied here, is any energy stored in your body or soul that has blocked you in your capacity to love, feel joy, move freely in the world, or manifest your own beauty openly.  This kind of trauma may have been caused by any kind of event or experience–it need not be dramatic.  We join together for this powerful intensive retreat to explore the various levels and effects of trauma, and address the many ways sadness, grief, fear, or PTSD can be healed in the body, heart, and mind, using numerous modalities taught by expert providers.             

This deep healing intensive joins you with several practitioners from various disciplines to take you on a journey into a deeper understanding of how trauma affects you personally, and more importantly, how to free yourself from the debilitating effects of injury, betrayal, loss, shock, self-abandonment, and other forms of crises which have triggered limiting restrictions and beliefs within you.

Using meditation and mindfulness, tonal chanting, ritual, group process, lecture, movement, art and nature, and the dramatically powerful table work known as Emotional Release Bodywork or Amanae, we will assist you in releasing stored trauma and in uncovering your access points to psychological freedom.

If this work calls to you, listen.


¨      Trust After Betrayal—Robin Stuart, MA, MFT, Director of CHI Recovery

¨      The Calling of the Soul—Leonie Lange, Peruvian Midwife

¨      The Passenger: Healing from Childhood Wounding—Nancy Vogl, Youth Specialist

¨      Vipassana Meditation—Nia Kaye, MA, and Marriage and Family Therapist, Meditation Teacher

¨      Yoga for Trauma—Gangarani Keech, MA, Yoga Teacher

¨      Emotional Release Bodywork—Pat Jackman, MA, ERB Practitioner, plus others!

Please contact Robin for more information or for registration and spread the word to those you feel may benefit:  707-824-0222

What’s the Magic in Addiction Treatment?

Part of the magic of Conscious Healing Innovations’ (CHI) treatment methods lies in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.  Here are some of the key components to scientifically-evidenced success:

  • Interdisciplinary team building with collaborative treatment plans and shared protocols
  • Provider education with formats, professional materials and on-the-job training components
  • Fluid, “real time” communication network and IT interfacing
  • Up-to-date addiction treatment education, allowing for professional continuing education units
  • Interoffice, outpatient care referral mechanisms
  • Customer care and quality control
  • Patient containment
  • Metrics and compliance controls and measurements
  • Practice expansion

Patient services include:

  • 12-Months Concierge Case Management
  • 6-Months of Psychological Services*
  • Customized Treatment Plans and Contingency Management
  • Community Reinforcement: non-profit advocacy, sober living programming, and volunteerism
  • Total Health Restoration—detox, nutritional supplement, and organ support; gym membership
  • Provider Procurement
  • Family Education

CHI Chooses Dynamic Life Counseling to Administer 360 Degree Treatment Program for Addiction in Northern California

Scientifically-Evidenced Treatment in Sonoma County


CHI’s 360 Degree Pilot Program allows you to have the best chance at sustained sobriety for the least amount of money, and it also allows us to test the applications and methods of CHI prior to implementing our program in a hospital or clinic setting.  We will be allowing a limited number of participants to enroll in the program and to be a part of a two year study.  The Pilot Program is administered by Dynamic Life Counseling (DLC) in Sebastopol, in Northern California.

Your personalized treatment program will last 6 months, with an additional six months of case management—totaling one year of continuous involvement with DLC.  Your participation in this program will exclude you from participation in future related studies, however, your contributions to this study will be significant and we thank you in advance for your stewardship.

CHI’s All-Inclusive 360 Degree Care

CHI delivers a superior outpatient treatment program because it is inclusive of all of the elements scientifically demonstrated to increase the odds of long-term recovery—and CHI’s Pilot Program costs are significantly below current competitors’ rates.  Your six-month course of service integrates psychotherapy, 12-steps, addiction and relationship education, case management and community reinforcement—all methods scientifically evidenced to achieve successful, sustainable sobriety for addicts of all ages.

CHITM serves individuals of all ages, 14 years old and older, and addresses associated symptoms and groupings frequently associated with addiction including depression, dual diagnosis, and conduct disorders in adolescents, high conflict couples, blended families, LGBT clients, and extended and genetic families.

Please contact Dynamic Life Counseling for other psychological or addiction treatment services which are unrelated to this Pilot Program.  Also, if you have any questions about this research study, please contact:

 ROBIN STUART, MFT of  Dynamic Life Counseling
105 Morris Street, Suite 214, Sebastopol, CA  95472
(707) 824-0222;  (707) 812-7772
robin.s at
(Emails are not considered confidential)

The Problem with Addiction Treatment In America


There is a problem in America that until recently was going unobserved and unchecked:  the problem is addiction treatment.  It hasn’t been working.  We can tell you all of the reasons why, but CASAColumbia, one of the world’s most reputable addiction research organizations housed at Columbia University, has already done that in their groundbreaking report, Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap between Science and Practice.

CASAColumbia researchers work to assess the impact of substance use on American systems and populations, examine the links between substance use and other health and social problems, and translate knowledge about substance use and addiction into policy and practice.

For the past 19 years, CASAColumbia has produced over 75 reports and white papers on systems including health care, justice, social service and government finance; on populations including women, teens and people living in rural areas; and on the relationship between substance use and such topics as developmental disabilities, sexual behavior and religion and spiritual practice.

Through reports and white papers about the consequences of risky and dependent substance use and the disease of addiction itself, and best practices for prevention and treatment, CASAColumbia offers a balanced look at all sides of an issue. CASAColumbia forms collaborative partnerships and develops initiatives to translate this knowledge into health policy and practice in order to inform policy debate and offer practical solutions based on evidence based approaches to prevention and treatment.

Read the full report at

The Addiction Treatment Problem

CASACoumbia’s groundbreaking 5-year research project, Addiction Medicine: Closing the Gap between Science and Practice, evaluated the recovery care offered across America.  Upon conclusion of the study they revealed these facts:

  • Addiction treatment is largely neglected by U.S. Medical System
  • 90% of the people with addiction receive no form of treatment at all!
  • 16% of the U.S population has the disease of addiction
  • 90% of the people with addiction receive no form of treatment at all!
  • Addiction treatment is largely neglected by U.S. Medical System
  • No national treatment standards exist to ensure quality care

Side Note:  Standardized treatment at most 30 day rehab centers demonstrate recidivism rates (relapse) near 80%—This is the same results you expect to see with placebo treatments!

We do know how to treat addiction effectively but are not offering these treatments at an affordable price, denying the majority of  addicts and alcoholics effective treatment.

In short, CASAColumbia’s report exposes the fact that most medical professionals who should be providing treatment are not sufficiently trained to diagnose or treat addiction, and most of those organizations providing addiction treatment are not medical professionals and are not equipped with the knowledge, skills or credentials necessary to provide the full range of evidence-based services, including pharmaceutical and psychosocial therapies and other medical care.

The Addiction Treatment Solution

CHI: Conscious Healing Innovationsprovides SCIENTIFICALLY-EVIDENCED, AFFORDABLE, HOLISTIC AND INTEGRATED managed care improvements for addiction recovery treatment.  Our program design meets these standards:

  • Scientifically Evidenced Care—proven treatment methods showing 70-80% sustained sobriety
  • State-of-the-Art Treatment—protocols unified across disciplines and in accordance with research
  • Networked Provider Systems—communication and tracking tools implemented within existing systems
  • Educational Programming—for providers, clients and patients, both online and live
  • Systems Set-Up and Trainings—allowing directed and focused treatment throughout entire program, aligning all providers
  • Community Reinforcement Emphasis—connecting each client to a positive environments, socially and through volunteerism, job training, and age appropriate 12-step communities

All of these services are integrated by developing Provider Teams from multidimensional orientations, who are on the same page regarding “best practices” for addiction treatment.  Our outpatient care improvements are expected to increase sustained sobriety by as much than 60% or more over conventional inpatient care treatments, while decreasing costs by over 50%!