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Scientifically-Evidenced Treatment in Sonoma County


CHI’s 360 Degree Pilot Program allows you to have the best chance at sustained sobriety for the least amount of money, and it also allows us to test the applications and methods of CHI prior to implementing our program in a hospital or clinic setting. We will be allowing a limited number of participants to enroll in the program and to be a part of a two year study. The Pilot Program is administered by Dynamic Life Counseling (DLC) in Sebastopol, in Northern California.

Your personalized treatment program will last 6 months, with an additional six months of case management—totaling one year of continuous involvement with DLC. Your participation in this program will exclude you from participation in future related studies, however, your contributions to this study will be significant and we thank you in advance for your stewardship.

CHI’s All-Inclusive 360 Degree Care

CHI delivers a superior outpatient treatment program because it is inclusive of all of the elements scientifically demonstrated to increase the odds of long-term recovery—and CHI’s Pilot Program costs are significantly below current competitors’ rates. Your six-month course of service integrates psychotherapy, 12-steps, addiction and relationship education, case management and community reinforcement—all methods scientifically evidenced to achieve successful, sustainable sobriety for addicts of all ages.

CHITM serves individuals of all ages, 14 years old and older, and addresses associated symptoms and groupings frequently associated with addiction including depression, dual diagnosis, and conduct disorders in adolescents, high conflict couples, blended families, LGBT clients, and extended and genetic families.

Please contact Dynamic Life Counseling™ for other psychological or addiction treatment services which are unrelated to this Pilot Program. Also, if you have any questions about this research study, please contact:

ROBIN STUART, MFT of Dynamic Life Counseling™
105 Morris Street, Suite 214, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 824-0222; (707) 812-7772
robin.s at
(Emails are not considered confidential)
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