“Robin remains a strong ally in the health care industry, bringing a wealth and breadth of knowledge about evidence-based treatment, dual diagnosis and effective clinical care planning.”

Dr. Lawrence Peltz

Additional Services Offered Beyond Therapy

  1. Clinical Care Evaluation

Through Dynamic Life Counseling and Consulting Services, I can provide you with expertise in clinical evaluation and assessment, forensic working diagnosis, treatment plan development, and referral to specialists who are accustomed to working collaboratively. Many people seek this service because they are baffled by the inconsistencies between healthcare providers’ recommendations concerning best treatments and practices for recovery and mental health.  Others seek my services because they are astounded by the costs for treatment and mental health care, unsure where to best utilize their resources.  It is hard to place your faith in an unknown provider or care team, or to spend a fortune on faith.

My clinical care experience helps to identify treatment needs, quickly moving clients towards appropriate treatment & care. I work with individuals and agencies who are experiencing any number of behavioral health concerns, including:

  • Partner Conflict
  • Family Discord
  • Substance Abuse & Addictions
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Mood & Anxiety Disorders
  • Trauma-Related Disorders
  • Dual-Diagnosis/Mental Health Issues
  • Compulsion Disorders
  • Self-Harm Syndrome

I will strive to support you wherever you are in the process of recovery, customizing service recommendations to meet your unique needs and circumstances. You will receive fact-based educational information, and might be introduced to acupuncture, holistic medicine, nutritional evaluation and supplements, individual, relational and group therapies, psychiatric evaluation, community reinforcement approaches, and more.

The cost for a Clinical Care Evaluation, which includes Clinical Care Consulting, Early Assessment, Treatment Planning and Referral begins at $2,500. This includes a 2-hour live consultancy and education session, general history review, co-collaboration with a family member, and a written report with treatment recommendations, referrals, proposed schedule of care, and a summary of the Comprehensive History Report.

The Comprehensive History Report is a 20+ page comprehensive history report (proprietary) designed to address a full inventory of the client’s mental health status and capture a snapshot of his/her/their socio-economic and relationship situations. The report becomes a valuable asset in any comprehensive treatment and care plan and can save you many hours in other practitioner’s offices, and potentially hundreds of dollars in treatment time, by allowing your treatment team the ability to all be “on the same page out of the gate” when you begin care with them.

  1. Inspirational Public Speaking

  2. Educational Presentations

  3. Individual, or Agency Consultancy