Court Mandated or Criminal Charges

I frequently work with couples and individuals who are ordered by a court to participate in therapy. Often, these clients are filled with reservation about opening up to a therapist under the order of someone else, feeling like they are under a microscope or that their privacy is being intruded upon. Others are deeply embarrassed by their current circumstances and are ashamed that they are experiencing the mess that they are in.

Sometimes clients are scared by what they have experienced first hand by those they love, and feel conflicted about their relationships; they are weighted down by mixed and complicated emotions. Whatever the case is for you and your family, I will do my best to help you come to terms with the circumstances of your life, as long as you are willing to stay open to the benefits of our work together. I have worked extensively with criminal defendants; victims of abuse and trauma; partners engaged in domestic violence; families where parental, relative or sibling incest has occurred; drug prosecution cases; and much more.

Those with complicated situations or custody issues are encouraged to call; I can guide you through difficult times, help you better understand the court system, and assist you in making choices that will serve your ultimate goals. I offer relief from high conflict familial situations.