Robin provides several confidential support therapy groups.  Please contact her to find out about which are currently offered and the current availability for new members in each one you are interested in.

*  A Safe Place for Professionals Achieving Recovery –

Adult Group for those needing anonymity and professional safety, who want to relate to other successful professionals who struggle privately in their personal lives or with Substance Abuse.

*  Life Changers Group –

Adults Group for those in recovery, who are reaching for emotional intelligence, sustained sobriety and mental health, and who desire to rise higher in their consciousness, empathy, compassion self-responsibility and competency.

*  Spiritual Exploration Group –

This group for anyone seeking spiritual connectivity without religious requirements, or to deepen your already present, spiritual center.  This group will introduce you to the place within yourself that is connected in a profound way to love, kindness, wisdom and “light energy.”  You will also be introduced to principals of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT), various forms of meditation, chanting, yoga, sweat lodges and guest speakers from different faiths, philosophies and practices.

*  Parent’s Partner Group –

We all know how it is supposed to go…children maturing, getting jobs, moving out establishing their own independent lives… but that is not how it goes for many families.  Robin will help you explore with others how your family system went a little wonkie, and will help you get back on track in supporting your children’s success and competency.

My groups are intended to be life altering, reflective and insightful journeys where you will have an opportunity to explore yourself in ways unimagined.  Most are ongoing.  Different groups require a different length of commitment…inquire with Robin about the group that interests you.  It has been interesting to see that the vast majority of group members have renewed their commitments after the initial commitment term, although this is not mandatory that you do so.. Historically, my groups have run for 1.5 to 3 years duration, with new members circling in from time to time as older members have left.

You will pay for your position in the group whether you attend or not. We take off for most holidays and for my vacations.  I like to take travel time off so I often am gone for most of one summer month, and again over Winter Holidays.

We might act outside the box, meeting at a park or attending a special event together.  While most sessions are held at my office, sometimes my groups have participated in “extracurricular activities” or met offsite.  One group even went to Guatemala together on a spiritual retreat; another went to Sedona and Flagstaff where we built a sweat lodge.  Many have held elected to participate in half day Somatic Release “Amanae”/Emotional Release Technique retreats, as well as other themed retreats on subjects such as self-love, healing betrayal, opening to sensuality, and life after sobriety.

You should know that most people are very reluctant to participate in a group with others: they can’t even imagine being exposed or vulnerable in front of strangers. That is normal.  Just remember that if those feelings persisted, once you were within the actual experience, then there wouldn’t be any groups becasue no one would support them! So I am asking you to trust yourself enough to take a risk and try something new.

Support groups are a fantastic way to grow and change and are a more affordable option to gain therapeutic advantages at half the cost of individual therapy.  The wisdom, support and insight you will receive from the participants will completely surprise you! It is also a good place to make enduring friendships with people whose depth, compassion and intelligence will enrich your life.

ALL GROUPS ARE $75-$85 PER PERSON, PER WEEK and are paid in advance each month.