Participation Interest in Groups, Workshops and Retreats



My groups are intended to be life altering, reflective and insightful journeys where you will have an opportunity to explore yourself in ways unimagined.  Different events require a different length of commitment.

Please enquire with me directly about upcoming special events.

You will pay for your position in the group whether you attend or not, and there are no refunds offered after your initial payment and commitment has been made. We take off for most holidays and for my vacations.  I sometimes like to take travel time off so I often am gone for most of one summer month, and again over Winter Holidays.

Sometimes my groups have participated in “extracurricular activities”.  One group went to Sedona together and another went to Guatemala on a spiritual retreat.  Many have elected to participate in half day Somatic Release “Amanae”/Emotional Release Technique retreats, as well as other themed retreats on subjects such as self-love, healing betrayal, opening to sensuality, and life after sobriety.

You should know that most people are very reluctant to participate in any kind of group with others: they can’t even imagine being exposed or vulnerable in front of strangers. That is normal.  Just remember that if those feelings persisted, once you were within the actual experience, then there wouldn’t be any groups because no one would support them! So, I am asking you to trust yourself enough to take a risk and try something new.

Support groups are a fantastic way to grow and change and are a more affordable option to gain therapeutic advantages at half the cost of individual therapy.  The wisdom, support and insight you will receive from the participants will completely surprise you! It is also a good place to make enduring friendships with people whose depth, compassion and intelligence will enrich your life.