Why Seek Counseling?

The majority of those who seek therapy are individuals who have a sincere interest in changing their lives for the better, whether it is to decrease feelings of depression or anger, to eliminate dysfunctional patterns and repetitive struggles, or to develop a deeper, actualized and authentic self. There are many reasons it makes perfect sense to seek the assistance of another person who is skilled in the art and functionality of relationships and psychology. After all, leading a dynamic life is most often a consequence of personal growth, which is what therapy and counseling is all about.

Regardless of the issues or obstacles you face, your therapist can be your partner, helping you to gain insights, perspective and wisdom, and enabling you to move in the world with greater integrity, compassion and clarity.

Common goals that I can assist you with include your desires to gain personal insight and growth; relationship fulfillment and satisfaction; sexual liberation or identity; financial success; social integration; emotional intelligence; dating prowess; ability to launch dreams and ambitions; self-fulfillment; sustained recovery—and so on.

Unfortunately, struggles come with life. But hardships are not meant to be borne alone. I will help you to face these challenges with courage and dignity, providing you with the education, resources and knowledge that will allow you to possess the power to make real and lasting changes that you may benefit from the rest of your life.

Adults Abused or Neglected as Children

If you were a child living with an alcoholic or a drug dependent parent or sibling; or shared a home with someone who struggled with depression, chronic illness, mental illness, or violent behavior, then you may have struggles that have been influenced by this reality. If you were the victim of physical, emotional, or sexual trauma; or if you are the sibling of an abused child or are the child of a parent who was abused, then your challenges may require a greater degree of insight and skill. I have worked with these and similar issues my entire career and can give you probably offer the support and guidance that will help you heal.