You will not be asked to make a commitment to working with me until we have had an opportunity to meet for an initial session, discuss your concerns, and evaluate your best options for treatment. During that session you will describe your areas needing attention, and will share with me your goals for your counseling. We will discuss what the best outcome, from our work together, would look like so that we will have an idea what successful treatment means to you. Most of my clients are interested in making changes as quickly as possible…and as affordably as possible. This discussion helps with that goal. At the end of the session I will tell you how I would plan to work with your concerns and goals; you will decide what comes next. Sound fair?

Occasionally, I have clients who are unclear of their goals but have a vague sense that they need to take a look at their lives, their feelings, or their impulses. This is fine too. Our first encounter is to help me understand how I can best serve you, and help you have a clear expectation for what we can accomplish together. It is just as important that we have an experience together so that you will gain a sense of whether we are a good fit together.