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Part of the magic of Conscious Healing Innovations’ (CHI) treatment methods lies in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. Here are some of the key components to scientifically-evidenced success:

Interdisciplinary team building with collaborative treatment plans and shared protocols
Provider education with formats, professional materials and on-the-job training components
Fluid, “real time” communication network and IT interfacing
Up-to-date addiction treatment education, allowing for professional continuing education units
Interoffice, outpatient care referral mechanisms
Customer care and quality control
Patient containment
Metrics and compliance controls and measurements
Practice expansion
Patient services include:

12-Months Concierge Case Management
6-Months of Psychological Services*
Customized Treatment Plans and Contingency Management
Community Reinforcement: non-profit advocacy, sober living programming, and volunteerism
Total Health Restoration—detox, nutritional supplement, and organ support; gym membership
Provider Procurement
Family Education
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