What’s the Magic in Addiction Treatment?

Part of the magic of Conscious Healing Innovations’ (CHI) treatment methods lies in a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.  Here are some of the key components to scientifically-evidenced success:

  • Interdisciplinary team building with collaborative treatment plans and shared protocols
  • Provider education with formats, professional materials and on-the-job training components
  • Fluid, “real time” communication network and IT interfacing
  • Up-to-date addiction treatment education, allowing for professional continuing education units
  • Interoffice, outpatient care referral mechanisms
  • Customer care and quality control
  • Patient containment
  • Metrics and compliance controls and measurements
  • Practice expansion

Patient services include:

  • 12-Months Concierge Case Management
  • 6-Months of Psychological Services*
  • Customized Treatment Plans and Contingency Management
  • Community Reinforcement: non-profit advocacy, sober living programming, and volunteerism
  • Total Health Restoration—detox, nutritional supplement, and organ support; gym membership
  • Provider Procurement
  • Family Education

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